Richy Sheehy is a cool person and if you’re at least mildly attractive he would consider you as a potential object of lust. His unique blend of outrageous songs and stand-up comedy have garnered him a record breaking 12 ‘Richy’ Awards and 13 days in a minimum security prison. Born in County Cork, the greatest place in Ireland and the world, Richy recently returned home after a 5 year stint in hiding from the Gardai in a not so secret annexe in Amsterdam. He likes to spend his time split between his two favourite activities of enacting vengeance and writing about himself.

This year Richy shot to fame as Kevin Murphy, Cork’s Biggest Liverpool Fan and since then he has performed live on Soccer AM, BBC Radio 1 and The Ray D’arcy Show as well as playing to thousands at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium and selling out a headline slot at the O2 Academy in Oxford. Having recently performed in Tokyo, Richy can say he has performed in 3 continents including Asia, with the positive reaction assuring him he could achieve his adult dream of being ‘Big in Japan’.

He has has 2 full runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Rich and Morty 2017, People Are Strange 2016) as well as being part of the Stands 'Best Of Irish' show at the 2015 Festival, he has previously supported ‘Mr. Nice’ Howard Marks on his Irish tour and supported half of Cork’s drugee population which earned him a Silver Medal for ‘Kindest Dealer’ at the 2012 E-Olympics.

Musical Genius - BBC Radio One

'goes for all the offense, South Park style... Self aware, well pitched, energetic and got a really big response ' . - the Stand Edinburgh


'very funny' - Al Lubel

So funny, he can’t even be offensive, even though the concept of censorship undoubtedly has not come near any line of his act. Most original, first class comedy.' . - Limerick Fringe


'hear him sing and he can make you laugh, and cry,, and hold you in his troubadours grip ' - Marc Emery

'great comedian' - the Stand, Newcastle

'An energy that will last forever' Howard Marks

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Africa Music Video // Toto Parody


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